A Crisp Erection

My crisp erection

Warming my thigh on the train

Is a joyful sign.

There’s nothing like a stiff prick

To make a man’s day hopeful.

6 thoughts on “A Crisp Erection

  1. I find nothing more arousing than creating such a response…. it is empowering and exciting ….I am at my most productive t when in this state so my thanks to you Eugene …:)

  2. Oh yes…sometimes without the hope of stimulation or orgasm…I enjoy the “state of arousal and tension” I experience . But what I wrote was not a confession per se…it is an appreciation of your experience…If I am to confess then there are many times I simply cannot cope with my arousal…and I can become quite consumed with it..and do need to find release…and I have no partner . There is something so primal and erotic in self pleasure…. 😉

    Bella x

  3. I do like this Eugene….I must also admit I have felt this feeling myself…although I have no penis to feel what an erection on my thigh feels like…I do appreciate that very delightful feeling of arousal …being moist and slippery between my thighs , desiring and hopeful…but above all enjoying my body and it’s pure sexual responses..

    1. 🙂 Our bodies are amazing. I love the feeling of arousal even without the hope of further stimulation and/or orgasm. I am glad you enjoy arousal too. Thank you for your confession. 😉

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