A Joyous Maritime Metaphor For Gay and Gratuitous Sex

Comeon Baby!
Let’s get wet
Unfettered, filthy,
Fluid, and fun.
I’ll make you cum.
You know I will.
I’ll fill you up
And make your cup
Runneth, runneth, runneth over!
I’m no plover.
I’m diving in.
Gonna swim
Up and down your body
Lapping and licking
My wicked way to your clit
Where I’ll sip, suck, and savor
The flavor of your sweet sweet lips.

I’m adrift on your crests
Washing your breasts
With warm and wanton waves.

I won’t behave, I promise.
Gonna tear your sail’s grommets
With my gale-force gaiety and
Wreck your ship when the motion
Of the ocean is too great to bear,
Tearing it apart at the seams.

Swimming from flotsam to jetsam
Mouthing what was left high and dry
I’ll dive in the rift of your spine
Licking and kissing my way home.

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