A Memorable Nooner [Read by Author on Video]

Do you remember that afternoon we met back at the flat too hot for each other to sit in our cubicles and nibble ham sandwiches like every other day? Too hot to kiss immediately. We just stared at each other across the room, our chests heaving. When you touched me, I shivered, as did you when my fingers touched your face. It was quiet and bright in our bedroom. I slid my hands up your sides, pulling your shirt up and off. Your breasts swelled above your bra with every raged breath. You pulled my shirt over my head. We stood there still not kissing, nearly hyperventilating. I caressed your face with my knuckles. You trembled. The knuckles slid down your chest, down your belly. Grasping your pants by the waist I yanked you toward me. I tasted your tongue before our lips even touched and when they did our mouthes were hungry, hot and wet, sucking and devouring the other, unable to quench the thirst built in the moments we stood apart and wanting. After that there was no, β€œhe did, she did.” We fucked. We fucked so hard, so deep, with such fucking intensity that when one came and then the other it sounded as if we were being tortured. We laid there breathless and wet, unable to speak. I bit your nipple and in your shriek there was throaty lust. I crawled to your pussy and licked you clean, making you cum and cum again as my sticky cock was washed by your warm tongue. We cleaned our hands but nothing else, returning to work rosy and reeking of sex.

After a pretty dry run recording this I went one more time and immediately screwed up but it was funny so I kept recording and it got funnier still so I kept recording. Then I pretty much nailed the reading, pretty much. So I give you A Memorable Nooner with Outtakes.Β 


11 thoughts on “A Memorable Nooner [Read by Author on Video]

  1. “reeking of sex ” …..extremely hot story Eugene. It leaves me “reeking of lust and wanting more” I enjoyed this very much. I think the experience of devouring a lover is captured with great intensity in this story. I see it in your narrative. I feel it. I like how you make mistakes and bring reality into your video…it breaks the “very erotic ,primal sensual tension” of this story. I think if you did not do this youtube may censor you!! Now all I can think of is your story while I must work!! Bravo Eugene !! Grazie . Regards Bella πŸ’

  2. Thank you so much Vic! I hope you do return for the video. I had a lot of fun making it. The story came to me suddenly. I was sitting here at lunch and suddenly I was so turned on by the idea of a nooner in silence. I couldn’t stop writing it and writing it made me light headed.

    1. Thanks! I was sitting here eating a ham sandwich in my quiet room and I thought, “How could this be sexier?” The recording mistakes were too much fun to cut. I really appreciate your support, you know. I really do.

      1. It’s not easy to make a ham sandwich sexy πŸ™‚
        I just really, really love your work. You have the best voice for reading. I could actually listen to your recordings all day. I’ve listened to a couple of other people reading erotica and they don’t sound at all sexy.
        And personally I think your photographs cross that line, they are art, they are beautiful. Most definitely not your average dick pic πŸ˜€

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