A Naked Chef


IMG_0157Sean pushed through the side door into the mudroom, flipping through the mail Nick had left for him.

“Hey Honey!” said Sean, “You’re home early.”

“I have a surprise for you!” sang Nick from the kitchen.

“A surprise?” nick inquired reading his mail, “is it that amazing smell?”

“Why don’t you come in the kitchen and see?”

Sean walked into the kitchen reading a bank statement. Nick stood at the stove stirring a sauce, wearing only a black and white striped apron. His tight little butt facing Sean. Sean finally looked up.

“Oh!” said Sean.

“Surprise,” said Nick softly, “I’m your naked chef.” He smiled. “I’m not The Naked Chef. I’m not as dishy as Jamie.”

Sean smiled and walked up to Nick. Kissed him softly but deep.

“Oh, you’re plenty dishy,” whispered Sean.

Nick smiled and nuzzled Sean’s neck while Sean caressed his buttocks.

“What are we having for dinner?

“Big fat hot seared sausages!” said Nick.

Sean scrunched his face, “Really?”

“Chicken,” said Nick, “But it’s seared. Mimi had the best recipe on Manger today. Simple sexy, here it is. Pan-Seared Chicken Breasts with Spring Onions.”

“You and that Mimi.”

Nick held up a finger that then pointed at Sean.

“I love her. She’s so stylish. Her life is so full and rich. She’s like a French Audrey Hepburn but cooks like Julia Child.”

“Wow, that’s a hell of a statement.”

“You will never understand my love for Mimi.”

“What about your love for me? Isn’t this dinner for me?”

“It’s all for you Baby,” said Nick bending over.

Sean smiled and shook his head. Then he sauntered up to Nick and cupped his ass with two hands, then slid his hands up to the knotted apron strings. He untied Nick, sliding his hands up from the shelf of Nick’s ass to his neck, slipping the loop of the apron over his head. Letting it fall to the ground. Sean sucked on Nick’s neck, kissing his way down his chest.

“Tell me what you made for me,” said Sean snaking his tongue around Nick’s nipple, “Tell me very, very slowly what you did for me.”

“I took a chicken, and seared it in oil, in a hot, hot pan.”

Sean moaned, sucking on Nick’s nipple.

“I sliced a bunch of knob onions in half and braised them in stock.”

“What kind of onions?”

“Kno..ob!” Nicked moaned as Sean squeezed his cock.

Sean’s mouth slid a little quicker down Nick’s soft belly. His mouth poised hot in front of Nick’s cock.

“What’s in the pot?”

“A sherry and butter reduction sauce, with morels and porcinis.”

“Mmm, Fuck,” Sean moaned, sucking Nick’s hard cock into his mouth.

Nick ran his fingers through Sean’s hair, leaning against the counter, his head back, eyes closed. Suddenly his eyes opened.

“Babe! The sauce.”

Nick ran to the stove, stirred, and turned off the gas. He grabbed a small bottle of avocado oil from the pantry then pulled Sean from the floor as he whisked him to the living room. Nick tossed a blanket over the chaise and shoved Sean onto the blanket. He removed Sean’s pants and underwear quickly and opened his buttoned shirt. His tongue sucked the tip of Sean’s cock. Then he dripped a few drops of oil on it, rubbing it slowly at first but seeing that glistening cock made Nick hungry so stroked Sean with two hands, twisting up the shaft. Nick straddled Sean’s thighs and with a small application of oil on his own cock, squeezed their slippery cocks together with his hands. The super sensitive tips of their cocks rubbed together, sending shivers through both of them with each thrust. Nick thrusted as long as he could, then fell on Sean’s chest, sucking his nipple, and they stroked each other swiftly to the end.

“That was a delicious appetizer,” said Sean.”

“Wait until you see desert. It’s On me,” said Nick with a growl.


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