A Quiet Moment With Myself

IMG_0421 1When I want to spend a quiet moment with myself, I like a little blowjob pornography. Just one guy, one gal, and the sense that she is really, really into sucking that dick. Tonguing that dick, really, cause there is nothing duller than a video of a bobbing head. I want engagement. I want hunger. I want to see that hard working tongue flicking, licking, snaking, sucking. Lavishing that swollen cock with soft wet pink. Those lips better be sliding along the shaft and slurping his head like a dripping summer treat. And when she goes down, she mustn’t linger, constantly consuming and revealing the glistening saliva-soaked member. If he has the length, and he should have the length, it is porn, her lovely hand should be stroking his shaft.

I don’t need the cumshot cause I make my own. Granted, my semen splashes onto the floor rather than that hardworking tongue or a pair of deserving breasts but if I can get the full velocity of ejaculation, it can be quite thrilling.

With a day’s rest and a saucy blowjob on the screen I can whip my cock to the edge in minutes. At that point, I stretch my arm out, reset the video to the sexiest part and go to town. Pumping like a goddamn piston. As the need to blow my load rises in my loins, my buttocks are clenched tight, thrusting my cock forward, like the magnificent beast that it is. As I pump through the pleasure, thin creamy-white fluid spits from the slit and I know there is no going back. I stroke on, holding, holding, holding that load in. Feeling I could burst any moment, wanting so bad to give in, to let loose that powerful pump, and wet this tiled floor. My prostate is swirling and burning and begging for relief. It comes. A grand arc of seminal fluid shooting across the room, landing in a satisfying splash on the floor. The main load squirtIng in thick creamy bursts. Waves of pleasure curl my toes, even as I stand.


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