That Eugene


I’m Eugene. For over a year I’ve been an erotic character. That is, I like to be erotically mischievous and erotically delightful whenever possible. I have suspended my erotic activities here for the time being. There is no longer direct links to my erotic content, but it’s all here. You just have to search with keywords. If you aren’t familiar with what I’ve done, here is a pretty good description.

I enjoy the bawdy side of sex and sex writing. Sex is messy, wet, noisy, and often funny. I like to portray it that way. I write sex stories and poems. I make erotic self-portraits, mostly of my penis. I am known primarily for my series of artistic dickpics called The Art Of The Cock and for exuberant poetry readings.


I have a Zenza Bronica 6×6 medium format camera and I think it is time I got it out and started making some photos. No pressure, no deadlines, just me and the camera figuring it out. I’ll be posting some cropped digital photos in the beginning until I can make new photos on film and get them processed and scanned. Think of 6×6 as photo journal entries.

Thanks for stopping by.