Afternoon Perk

Tap, tap, tap!

“Yes,” said he said.

“Mr. Johnson, It’s me Danna,” she said opening the door, “I brought you a little afternoon perk up.”

Ms. Jenkins wore a navy blue pencil skirt and matching pumps, a tailored white blouse, and her straight brown hair was swept up into a bun.

“Where would you like your coffee?” she asked.

“Oh, just here on my desk,” he said.

“There you go,” she said cheerfully, “would you like anything else before I go?”

“Well,” he said rolling out from under his desk, dressed in a suit only to the waist, except for underwear, “there is one other thing I would like.”

“Mr. Johnson! You are not wearing any pants.”

“I never do, when I work from home,” he smiled, “you know that Ms. Jenkins.”

“Do I?” she said. Her face suddenly coy.

“You’re not leaving.”

“Perhaps I’ve seen something I like.”

He slid his trunks off. His cock swelling to attention.

“Perhaps you have,” he smiled.

DoDoDoDo! An invitation to video chat popped up.

“Shit!” he said, “It’s my boss.”

He put on his headset and mouthed, “I’m sorry.”

She gave him an exaggerated pouty face but as he concentrated on his call, a smile grew on her lips. Just as he had connected to the video chat and right before he slid his chair in, she tucked herself between his thighs, under the desk. She didn’t know how long the call would be so she went right to work. His cock was harder than she’d seen it in a long time. She teased him at first, just licking the tip and watching it buck with pleasure. Her tongue swirled the head then slid down, then up, wetting his shaft. Her hand stroked rapidly, her mouth sucking his head. She couldn’t see his face but she could tell by his voice that he was struggling to stay focused on the chat. It was just a short call, an update on sales numbers, but she had gotten him within a few strokes of soaking her clean blouse with hot cum. The call ended. In one beautiful fluid movement, he pulled her up, pulled her skirt up and slammed her atop the desk. She wore no panties.

“You dirty fucking minx,” he breathed hot into her ear.

He slammed his fingers into her soaked pussy. She moaned, biting his ear, drawing blood. He wiped the blood from his ear and looked at in his hand.

“You’re going to get it,” he growled.

“Give it to me, Mr. Johnson, give it to me!”

His fingers never stopped fucking her as he mercilessly sucked her clit. And when she was right there, ready to cum, he slid his throbbing cock into her dripping pussy and pounded her into the wooden desk.

They lay breathless, his head on her chest.

“God, that was fucking hot!” he said.

“Yeah,” she breathed out, “good luck concentrating on work now.”

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