All I Got Is Dick


I’ve been trying to write something poignant, intelligent, witty, and hopefully soothing but at the end of the day there is nothing I can offer right now that would be better than a photo of my sweet sweet cock. So here it is, nearly a week after my vasectomy. The bruising and swelling has gone down and the erections are constant. Or at least they were until I went to the restroom earlier and took care of some business. And by business I mean careful masturbation followed by an excessively sloppy ejaculation. It felt great and everything still works the same. My semen smells, looks, and tastes the same as it did. I am excited to get back to sex. A few months from now, after I cum in a cup and am subsequently proved to be sterile, I am going to get so nasty. And by nasty, I really just mean unprotected sex with a trusted partner and the occasional pearl necklace. But you never know. This really opens me up to experimentation.

I have one regret about this situation. I shaved way too much.. And everything is itchy now. Ahhhh!


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