All The Way Up

Clouds billowed from the parted shower curtain. A shiny foot perched on the lip of the tub. Wisps of steam swirled between her legs, obscuring then revealing her undercarriage.

She drew the blade the length of her leg, stroking her skin with her other hand.

Each time she dipped to start and shave up, her breasts slid against her thigh, dancing, pendulous and plump.

She stretched out naked on the sofa. Her hair still wet.

“Here,” she said, “can you help me out.”

I squeezed the cream in my palm and warmed it.

“I shaved all the way uP!” she said, dramatically popping the P.

She spread her thighs. Her fresh washed vulva in full view.

I had all of the time in the world to rub the musky cream into her thirsty skin. Her legs were strong and shapely, like they had been carved out of actual marble. Sliding my strong hands over her smooth skin, feeling her muscles move beneath, was a source of unending pleasure.

I started at her feet, rubbing them hard and deep. She moaned and closed her eyes. When I reached her knees there was sheen on her labia that hadn’t been. While I hydrated her thighs I placed soft kisses along the path and when I looked up her middle finger was sliding sensually through her moist vulva. She smiled and bit her bottom lip. I flipped her and rubbed to her buttocks. I gave her a good deep butt rub, pushing her firm flesh up, to peek at her glistening pussy. 

Then when I had waited long enough I woke her from repose and breathing deep through my nose, I drew her in. Exhaled heat. She smelled of musk and soap and the faint scent of pussy. I wanted more.

I licked her in one long broad stroke from her puckered pink anus to her wet clit. I kissed her everywhere but her bud. Sucking the fleshy spaces between. Then with a flourish of feathered tongue tip, I brought her right to the threshold. Then I stopped, breathing hot atop her vulva. Her hips arched up to my lips desperately seeking satisfaction. It didn’t come. She thrust her hands into her crotch, masturbating furiously but I pushed her hands above her head and bit at her nipples. Her butt squirmed, humping the air. I met her thrust mid air and buried my cock deep as we fell back to the bed. Her hand was furious again and quickly she came. I plunged into her with abandon until all she could do was dig her sharp nails into my legs and gasp for short sharp breaths.

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