Audio: The Taste Of Me On You

So, Yeah, I just turned myself on with my voice. It’s happened before but never as I was recording. You’ll hear at the end of the recording when I am reading the moans and I really get into it. It felt real and it turned me on.

The Taste of Me on You was published on May 9, 2015, just a couple months after I started blogging. The language is a bit verbose and flowery so I did change one word in the reading to fit with how I write now. Also, vaginal lubrication can be creamy and it’s wonderful. I am finding that if the writing is at least ok, I can make anything sound sexy. I am really loving, thinking of these readings as performances.

I found this sweet spot where there is no road noise, just the ambient noise of the air conditioning. I don’t have my editing software here but the ambient noise is even so it doesn’t detract too badly. So this is raw audio in a small room, with my good microphone.

The Taste Of Me On You by Eugene Noale

Full Text HERE.

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    1. Ha! Thanks. I think it is time that I record a series of highly erotic material in a long loop so that one could listen and recreate as they pleased. What do you think of that idea?

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