Audio Version: Red Vulva Glistening


Red Vulva Glistening

Reading prose is a little tougher and less theatrical and expressive than reading poetry. It requires much more clarity. I certainly need to slow down a bit and use more inflection. I also need to learn how to punch and roll as there are several errors here that could have been fixed if I knew how to do that. I promise to re-record this when I have more skill in narration and in audio production.

As always, thank you for listening.

9 thoughts on “Audio Version: Red Vulva Glistening

  1. Well well you’ve done it again… as Bella says the mistakes are good too.. maybe experiment with the distance you have the microphone from your mouth.

    SO damn hot…please keep doing more!!!
    BMN X

  2. I like your mistakes…its VERY dammm hot to listen too….if you wanted to slow down then I agree.

    I am trying soooo hard to sound professional and not like I am recovering from my own orgasms …but it is not was Eugene.
    You know I think you would be very popular as an erotic reader for audio books …

    Once again ty ๐Ÿ’

    Bella x

    1. Thank you Bella. You are so very kind. I really appreciate your comments and your enthusiasm. I am certainly going to continue to do my own recordings and build my skill. If I get good enough, perhaps I will read other’s works. Thank you again.

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