My veins ache

To my fingertips,


Robbing me of sense.

Come, fill me,

Inject your sex.

Intense and wondrous

Wet, make me whole.

Sinful Sunday
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Draw You Deeper

I dream of kissing,

Deep and sweet,

Soft and wet,

Wanting, wanton,

Waiting, anticipating

That bit of tongue

Running inward

Toward my own.

I moan when we touch,

And suck

To draw you deeper.

What do I want from a lover?

I want you to miss me.

I want you to kiss me,

like you mean it.

I want you to fuck me so well and so often that the taste of you never fully leaves my mouth and your scent lingers like a secret tattoo, adorning my body.

Chaste Sucking: TMT

Ten Minute Tanka
Chaste Sucking

Sucking you chastely 

Without intent to tease nips 

Nor your clitoris,

I’ll make you come undone, till

You force my hot tongue inside. 

Train Smell: TMT

Ten Minute Tanka
Train Smell

The smell of vinyl

Train seats warming in the sun

Makes me hard for you.

Too hot to wait, we crammed in

The tiny toilet to fuck.