Ball Bliss by Adam Male Sex Toys

Scrotum Vibrator Review: Ball Bliss by Adam Male Sex Toys

IMG_6635 copy

Yes, a ball sack vibrator. Why? Cause it feels really good! I have already established in my review of the Climax Gems Blue Mood Ring that the vibrator component of the Ball Bliss is a delight.

When the Cyberskin cup envelopes your scrotum you can’t wait to click on that vibe. Your scrotum tightens up as all of the tiny hair are stimulated and waves of deep vibrations pulse into your shaft.

Alas, it slips though as your scrotum tightens and soon you have to stop and readjust. Having hairy balls doesn’t help either. But every time you click that button back on, your balls are so very happy.


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