Butt Confidence

For the first time in her life

She likes her butt.

No, Loves her butt

She’s got butt confidence

She usually passes

On workout pants that hug

The shape of her ass,

The new ones make her

Ass look like polished marble

She peels them off and

Those sweaty panties too

Dear God, that ass won’t quit!

So smooth, so tight, I want to take

A juicy bite of that apple

She sees me staring, smiles,

Shakes that thing and

I am suddenly so, so hard

I bend her over the bed

Slapping her ass with my dick

Sliding it through her juicy pussy,

Sliding my fingers inside her then

Sucking them off. I drive inside her,

Pounding her pussy and banging

Hard against that big beautiful ass.

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