Cadbury Crack

Mini eggs, her crack

Cadbury chocolate binge snack 

Hoarded guarded stash

Last egg sucked of shell, she shared

Tongue to tongue to keep, that’s love

3 thoughts on “Cadbury Crack

  1. I would like to make a hole in the CadburyTM egg, suck out the sweet creamy filling, then jack a guy off, and when he’s about to come, point the end of his dick to the hole in the egg, and fill it with creamy boy goo. Then present it around to a room full of people, then pop the whole egg in my mouth!

    1. I have occasionally enjoyed putting on a show by sucking a guy’s dick in front of a room full of people at a wild party. I usually edge them five or six times, so that when they finally spurt their boy goo, their balls really empty out. And just like the porno industry, I let the “money shot” be visible by having his spunk ejaculate all over my face, hair, neck, tits, and whatever I am wearing, if I am wearing anything. Then I use my fingers to scoop up the spooge and bring it to my waiting mouth and sexy tongue. I have made some people so HOT that a few girls started rubbing their pussies, and a few men started jacking-off their dicks, right there in plain view of everyone!

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