Connecting Your Spots

One slick finger rimming round your clean pink anus

Joins a second digit sliding inside your warm wet vagina

To beckon your Grafenburg spot to play and play and play.

A slippery thumb then presses your perineum slowly deeply,

Popping into your hot vagina to draw wet down and around.

Strong soft lips nibble your outer labia sucking your flesh inside.

Feathered flicks turn to hot breath and licks so deep so wet so hard

Lashing  and sucking your swelling crura as two wet fingers follow

A carving tongue riding the crevice along your outer labia.

The tongue slides excruciatingly slow up and around your clitoral glans

To stroke the shaft, careful to avoid contact with the clit…


“Goddamnit!” she yelled, suddenly, throwing the sex manual across the room.

She forced my mouth onto her clit, both hands pressing my head down.

“Suck it! Suck it! Pleeease!” she moaned.

I sucked her clit head hard. Too hard.

“Fuck!” she screamed and pushed me away.

I glared at her with eyes that conveyed that impatience and impertinence would be punished.  Then my eyes softened and sweetened for a moment before narrowing. With a growl, my mouth was hot and hard upon her. There was no tease. There was only a sucking tongue drawing her into my mouth and a rough wet tongue grinding into her tender flesh.  I flicked her clit like a light switch than never turns off.  As her back began to arch off of the bed, I sunk two fingers inside her, beckoning her to cum. She climaxed and continued to climb. I covered my cock in her slick and slid inside. She shuddered at my entrance and pulled me close. Soon she was rising to another as my hard cock found her last spot, the deep spot, grinding and grinding and grinding into her with urgent abandon. Her whole world, breath, and heartbeat hanging on the screw-turn of my cock, she shook to a final fevered orgasm, leaving deep purple punctures in my back.


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