Cum Sucking Triptych




The sight of cum
Happily covering
A woman’s tongue,
Warm and white,
Makes me weak,
Makes me ache.

That little poem illustrates what’s been going on inside my head the last two days. It started with one image on twitter of a cum covered tongue and now I can’t stop thinking about blowjobs. Not that I ever stop thinking about blowjobs but I usually focus on the physical pleasure and not the intense erotic aesthetic of fresh cum covering a tongue. It’s not all over her face, dripping down her chin. It’s carefully compartmentalized atop her tongue and behind her lips. How it got there is erotic enough but the thought that a woman would enjoy the taste, the experience of having and holding cum on her tongue melts me. It’s so fucking hot. A woman wanting and enjoying (my god, craving!) the taste of cum is hotter to me than a woman actually performing fellatio upon me. I mean that literally.

I started tasting my own cum in college. It was curiosity at first and I only sampled a lick from time to time but then I thought, “If I expect a woman to swallow my cum, I should too.” I don’t swallow my load every time I masturbate. It’s actually pretty rare but I like it. It’s heavy on my tongue. It coats and lingers with a stinging alkaline feeling that I really like. The aroma of it falls somewhere between bleached linens and fresh seafood. It’s got a strong briny back that tickles in my throat. It’s not at all unpleasant and I look forward to those moments when I can lick it off of and out of a woman.

There is nothing sexier than kissing a woman who has just sucked my cock. Nothing. I am almost immediately compelled to take her slightly moist face in my hands and suck her tongue so hard. Then to lick and suck the salt and sweat and semen from her soft wet lips. It is the greatest pleasure I am afforded in life.

One of my favorite things to do during lively lovemaking is to slip down between her legs before she has recovered from our fucking and lick the dripping cum from her pussy. It’s such a fucking treat to taste me on her all mixed together and scrumptious. Mm! Once she cums again I let her suck my tongue and lips like I do her and together we lay with our faces close together breathing in the scent of us that lingers in my beard.

8 thoughts on “Cum Sucking Triptych

  1. Yes, I remember that conversation. I am glad you approve of this and that it has inspired poetry. Thanks Vic. I appreciate your thoughts. I would think most “sexy” men have tasted their own cum.

  2. Dios Mio Eugene….In am needing to escape to pleasure myself…these words are too intense for me. I adore these tastes!!!!
    Bella x

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