Dancing Naked At Night

My thighs are slick.

My dick slapping wet on my leg

But I keep dancing, naked in the night

I dance because she needs me.

She doesn’t ask me to move in the night

But I need to move in her.

To make her feel my love.

She is so far, far from my touch

So I dance.

Does she know I sweat for her until my muscles burn and my bones ache?

Does it matter?

I dance because I am filled with the joy of my love for her.

I dance because I have no hope to touch her tonight.

I will burn the sadness of her absence away,

So I dance.

I will dance until I falter and fall, gasping for breath.

Crawling into a cooling shower, I will stroke myself

Then drift quickly to sleep in cool sheets, my hand where hers should be

As I dream of her sweet face and those lips I crave endlessly.

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