Driving Steel Rods


I had my yearly physical this week. My doctor, in the most diplomatic, but pointed, way possible, reminded me that I am obese. She elaborated to say that while I am in fine health, I can no longer rely on good luck and good genes to keep me healthy. I’m going to have to take care of myself.

I have always fantasized about being trim, though not enough to make it happen. I’ve run out of time to do it voluntarily.

One really great thing, and SS has helped with this a lot, is I already feel sexy naked. I’m not everyone’s taste but I won’t be when trim either so it’s irrelevant what size I am. I’m sexy now and I’ll be sexy then.

Ok, enough chatter. I’ve got to go burn some calories driving steel rods into the hard, hard ground. Wanna watch?

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28 thoughts on “Driving Steel Rods

  1. So we’ve established that I find your smile absolutely alluring and now I realize that your smouldering look is sexy AF as well. 🙂 To me, sex appeal is about attitude, wit, intelligence not size. Sinful Sunday helped me accept myself as I am. Funny thing is once I finally got comfortable being me, I decided it was time to get in better shape. Wanting to do it for myself and no one else has been the best possible outcome of my very random photos.

    1. Well, hello. 😉 😀 Thanks so much. That is wonderful that you are happy with yourself too. Yes, I am too rebellious to lose weight for someone else’s idea of beauty but getting healthier is really nice.

  2. I agree with everyone here – very sexy photos – you have a hot smoulder! 😉

    And no, size isn’t an indicator of hotness. Also, I think that people who exude confidence and charisma and a zest for life are just really naturally sexy. Enjoy the health kick and glad you’re doing it knowing you’re hot anyway! Xxx

  3. I find physical labor to be so much more satisfying as a work out than going to the gym. Even running outdoors is better than being cooped up inside on a treadmill. But, the satisfaction of accomplishing something while also making myself healthier? It definitely makes me more eager to get moving… I applaud your newfound desire to be healthier – though as others have said, sexy is as sexy does. It’s not a number on a scale. I’m glad you feel sexy now, before you even start – as you should. 🙂

    1. Thank you for this awesome and thoughtful comment. It IS so much better to include labor along with exercise and feel doubly accomplished. I like that have appropriated forest gump to make a great point.

  4. For me it is your words, actions,intent and attitude that make you sexy as hell. As you say size is irrelevant

  5. It’s hard to say what I actually think about your sexiness without coming across as a super-intense pervert, but here’s my restrained version: you are totally stunning. Fuck yeah.

    1. Goodness! Um, Thank you. I’m not sure I could have handled the unrestrained version. 🙂 Though I don’t see you as a pervert. I too have gotten better at not coming off as a pervert in my comments. It can be so difficult when you are moved to express superlatives.

  6. If you told me i’d be a regular at yoga 5 yeara ago i’d have thought you were nuts. Amazing what a doctor’s influence (and age) can have.

    1. Yes but that’s great that you are liking yoga so much now. I bet yoga is fun. I am surprised that the doctor is having this effect on me. Maybe it is just time.

  7. It seems my first comment didn’t go through… 🙁
    The sex blogging community is wonderful and supportive. And, it just so happens that the Wicked Wednesday prompt for this week is ‘weight’, so if you want to join in…

    Rebel xox

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