Eugene Noale’s Parts: The Amazing Growing Penis!

Hello! We made it all the way to Saturday! I hope you are warmed up and ready because right here, right now I have five, count them, FIVE DICK PICS! to share with you. You will go on a journey from the cozy nubbin to an enticing chode. Enjoy the journey but remember, if you stare too long, your underpants will get wet (everyone’s underpants).

Growing1My parents really should have gotten a discount because that is a half snip circumcision.


Public hair is a wonderful thing. Don’t you think?

Growing3If you have ever wondered and didn’t know, a “chub” is generally identified between the above and the below photo.

Growing4Here, right here, when my shapely head bursts free from the bounding skin, I am reminded of the beauty of my member and the great poem by Sharon Olds, The Connoisseuse of Slugs.

GrownI love the way this light makes the skin of my shaft look rich, dark, and smooth like supple leather stretched over a saddle.

This post officially kicks off The Week of Cock! Saturday to Saturday will be wall to wall cock. It’s my cock all week but I have been busy this summer and I have learned how to create an artful quality dick pic. You will also notice, but little note, that each dick pic is accompanied by relevant written content that will be anecdotal, erotic, and informative. Next Saturday, like all good shows, there will be a Medley of Cock as a finale. The weekly dick pic will be a regular feature on every Saturday going forward.

Thank you for coming. Please enjoy the show.

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