F4TF #19 – Size Matters? Yup!

F4TF #19 – Size Matters?f4tf_button1

If you are a straight guy, how do you feel about the size of your package? Has it ever been an issue for you?

I can’t say if size mattered before last summer, when I started photographing my dick. Prior to that, my penis wasn’t thick and I fucked like a man trying to make up for something. Foreplay was foremost and cunnilingus was everything. Owing to this, I never encountered a vagina that wasn’t fully lengthened and lubricated before I entered. It worked out well for everyone.

I now have an infamous cock [see the post Magnum Man] and with confidence comes girth, whether perceived or actually felt. The timid are intimidated and the confident are hasty and neither are getting enough foreplay to make sex immediately comfortable. A few slow thrusts in and things relax, lubricate, and we are quickly to the business of getting busy.

So, yes, size matters but full arousal is paramount.

2 thoughts on “F4TF #19 – Size Matters? Yup!

    1. Yes, I am definitely a fan of full arousal. 🙂 I was making the dick pics anyway as a way of exploring my sexuality privately and they were getting of higher and higher quality to the point where they were like nude self-portraits. I was so proud of them, I had to share them.

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