Feasting After the Gym

Please don’t wash tonight my Love, not yet.

I will bathe you with my tongue,

Draw the salt from your skin.

Your fragrant oils sizzle my senses

Like rosemary blooming in a skillet.

Let me undress you with my mouth,

Drink the sour sweat and pain from your powerful body,

And cover you with kisses, narcotic and sweet.

I will linger in your cumin-scented creases,

Breathing hot breath upon your bud and petals,

Dappling them with my dewy tongue.

Then when the brush of my moistened lips

Draws your hips up, up to meet them,

I will bare my teeth and feast upon you.

Nothing will be spared nor left for tomorrow.

I will fill my belly with the pleasure I find between your thighs.

Sucking and slurping your swollen pink parts

Until just a tip flick across your clit sends shudders throughout your body.

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