Fourteen Fifty-Nine

I have less than fifteen minutes
To show you how I love you.
All I have are these words
And the way I put them together.

Close your eyes and remember
The sound of my heart echoing
In my chest and filling your ear
With the rhythm of my love for you.

Do you remember when you fell
Wet and spent upon my chest
Having ridden me hard and hot,
Then feeling the thunder in my
Chest pulsing against your cheek?

Do you remember how the scent
Of our sweat sweetened as we slept,
Waking midnight, breathing our perfume
Then sliding together again intoxicated?

I miss the scent of you
The way we fit together
The way we sweat together
The way we lay together
My heart beats loud even now
Calling you back to my arms.

24 thoughts on “Fourteen Fifty-Nine

    1. I do not think always “hot” I think you arouse many emotions …I often feel crazy with sexual arousal so yes “hot” as you write but other times I experience deep pain and sadness from memory and desire..i also feel humour and great friendship for you and the beautiful people who write here in response to your work …Bella xx

  1. Yes!! Vic I feel a deep ache inside when I read this, it is for a love experience like this that I experienced. However it is so beautiful to read. No tears of happiness but tears of beautiful memory . 💐 Bella x

      1. Please do not be sorry…it is healthy to feel all emotions and to know one still has “life” in their hearts and soul…Bella xx

    1. I agree. Sometimes the pain makes me think it isn’t worth it to love at all. Then I remember these moments of joy and connection and I know it’s all worth it.

    2. It is agony not to be with the “one” you truely love. However it is very beautiful to experience love for others and from others…one must embrace that our universe bestows many gifts of different experiences….for me love is intoxicating and I must share but I do understand your comments…Bella xx

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