Fucked In My Cube

Thursday I was sitting in my cube eating a sandwich and working on a spreadsheet. Out of nowhere, a vision flooded my mind.

I heard an unexpected knock at my house’s front door. I opened the door and my ex-lover was standing there. She had no reason to be there. I was so surprised. I parted my lips to speak but before I could she had her tongue in my mouth, pushing me into the room. She was sucking on my bottom lip when my back hit the kitchen counter. She tore at my shorts and pulling them down, licked the tip of my cock as she stood and sucked my tongue again. In the next instant, I had her shirt off.

Keep in mind, that I am still in my work cubicle, holding a sandwich, staring at spreadsheets, as I melt in my chair and pant softly.

She stepped back and gave me a look when I got her bra off. The look made my knees buckle and my cock twitch. She narrowed her eyes. I picked her up and placed her roughly on the counter, stripping her shorts and panties in two sharp jerks. I knelt and kissed her inner thighs, rapidly toward her vulva. She lifted my chin with her finger, shaking her head. Then locking eyes with me, drew two fingers through her very wet pussy. She stuffed the fingers into my mouth. I sucked them greedily as I stood and pressed my cock into her opening. She wrapped her legs and around my back and pulled me sharply into her, driving my cock home. She cried out and arched her back, giving me the opportunity to suck her nipples.

I moaned and whimpered way too loud for my quiet office, completely slunk down in my chair and breathless.

10 thoughts on “Fucked In My Cube

          1. My usual place for things like this is the supermarket, just wandering around, minding my own business. Probably because shopping doesn’t take much thought 😀

          2. That makes sense. And hey, there are lots of cold things to cool you off. I have had visions while at the gym. Not the best time to be wearing tight clothes.

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