Gonna Suck Your Tongue

I want your mouth so much
I seethe. I burn.

I ache to kiss your lips

To taste your tongue

It won’t be nice at first

When my mouth meets yours

I’ve got too much hunger

I’ve got too much need for you

I might bite

I might suck your lips purple

I might steal your breath

And suck your tongue too hard.

But when you moan out in pain 

I will release you slowly

Letting my tongue caress you inside

You will moan sweetly as 

I soften and slide my lips sensually.

Drifting into kisses that leave us both nuzzling drunks.

10 thoughts on “Gonna Suck Your Tongue

  1. Eugene….these words are are written with hunger it is beyond desire!! I can taste it!! Bravissimma!! So beautiful once again. Bella πŸ’

      1. Well when the italians know someone is hungry (and dare I say even if they are not) we respond with “mangia mangia mangia”…πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

    1. The person that inspires me should come with a warning label. She is so incredibly beautiful, with lips that make me crazy. To kiss her, God to kiss her..my heart would explode I’m sure.

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