Gray-Ace & Grace


I’ve been holding my breath for seven years

Waiting for the return of your lust.

Yesterday you punched the air out of me.

You are an asexual, a gray-ace,

But an Ace nonetheless.

I made a promise to myself so long ago

That my wife would never want for my touch.

I guess I should have been more specific.


Waiting for you to come to me

With your hungry mouth,

Body begging for connection

Is waiting for the sun to rise on Lake Huron

While the dark winter ice slowly melts.

The sun rose this morning

A quivering yoke against a pale blue sky

Together we stirred the great green water

Into frothy white capped waves that slapped

Against the shore and eroded the berm.

Somewhere in love you became my home

And without my home, my lust withers.

I shall wait for the sun.

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