He Is Gay: A Beautiful Revelation

Growing up in the country there wasn’t much to do except wrestle on snowy Saturdays. It was the eighties and wrestling was cool so we took it to the carpet nearly every Saturday and pretended we were WWF wrestlers. Despite the connotation typically associated with wrestling, it wasn’t the least bit sexual. Just two or three farm boys trying to best the others and prove his physical dominance. Then entered my best friend’s cousin. He was much bigger and super socially awkward but he was family so we let him wrestle. Out of nowhere in the middle of the fight, he grabbed my penis. I didn’t think too much of it at first but after he had done it a second time, I was done wrestling with him and refused to wrestle with him again.

I am fortunate to never have been sexually abused, but this encounter has always bothered me. It bothers me most because it was unnecessary. He had me by 40 pounds and could have easily pinned me without any underhanded creepy tactics like penis grabbing. I have believed for two-thirds of my life that this boy was a creepy asshole that delighted in crossing my threshold simply to make me feel uncomfortable and I was happy when we all outgrew the Saturday wrestling match so I didn’t have to see him anymore.

My Mom is visiting and she told me this story about this guy she hung out with last weekend who was a super socially awkward as a teenager and that married a woman right out of high school and they were married for 25 years without having children before he finally came out as gay. Now, a year later, he is slim and confident and with the love of his life, a man who also didn’t come out until he had been married for twenty some years. That man is the man that grabbed my cock.

Suddenly my icky feelings about this man are replaced with a feeling of warm. He wasn’t being a total dick that day, he was finding himself..in my crotch. I know, I know, not funny, but you know, it totally is. Of course he was copping a feel. You’ve seen my cock. It’s totally worth it. (wink) So yeah, it’s still not cool that he did that but I can forgive him now cause frankly I would have done the same to a girl’s breast had I had the chance at that age. I so want to give him a hug right now and see how happy he finally is.

2 thoughts on “He Is Gay: A Beautiful Revelation

  1. Aww…I want to give this guy a big hug too!
    I feel sorry for him too…trapped in a marriage for 25 years not able to be his real self!
    Oh no he shouldn’t have touched your crotch like that even if you have a beautiful penis-wink-
    Have a nice week Eugene.
    Be safe.

    1. It’s true. He shouldn’t have grabbed me. I am so pleased he is finally being himself. I hope your week is nice too, thanks. I’m being safe. No more glass bottles for me.

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