Deflated, she lay heavy against him on the couch. Her head on his shoulder. His arm around her back.

“That’s everything,” she said.

“I’m so sorry. So sorry,” he said. “I didn’t know.”

“No one knew. No one knows. Just you.”

He pulled her close.

“I wish I..” he said shaking his head. “You were just a child. I would have..”

She covered his lips with her fingers and looked in his face.

“Shh,” she said shaking her head.

Moving closer and closer to his mouth, her breath shook. Lips barely touched, sharing a warm breath. She closed on his lower lip, drawing it into her mouth. Her tongue rolled back and forth, then releasing, sought his tongue. Sucking, slowly side to side sliding lips pressed hot together, his breath intoxicated her. She slid his hand onto her breast under her shirt. He squeezed. She moaned, then removed her bra; her shirt still on. Massaging her full breast, he softly rimmed her areola. She tentatively slid his hand down her belly and pressed it between her thighs. She pressed hard. Jeans were split and she slid his hand inside her hot panties. She laid her hand atop his and showed him how to please her, stroking up and down and around. He took license, spreading her with his fingers, sliding her slick up and around, around, around her clit. She bit his lip. His fingers slowly stirred her. While pinching her own nipples, she came, almost as a surprise. Tender finger tips lazily traced her moistened ribbons, top to bottom and back again.

Nuzzling his neck, feathering lips across his skin, she whispered, breathing heavily in his ear, “You are healing me.”

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