Heartbreaking Bad Sex (Seriously)

Her goodnight lips were parted, so he lingered, sucking them softly. It had been a long time since she last parted anything for him. The walls he had built to protect himself from rejection after rejection were slipping down. He pressed himself deeper and deeper into her mouth, hoping for the reciprocation he craved. Only a little tongue was offered, but it was enough, enough to light a fire in his belly. Soon his mouth was on her body, mouthing, sucking, licking her with increasing ferocity. It took him no time to arrive at her parted thighs, forcing them further apart. He filled his lips with her vulva and groaned with delight to be eating pussy again. He forgot about technique and just sucked and licked wildly until she shuttered and pushed his head away. He lingered and seconds later he was back on her clit, grinding his tongue into her with unending intensity. She came. He bit at her thighs and licked them for a minute before again sucking her to an orgasm. She was done so he mouthed back to her throat and sucked it for a minute, whispering all the hot things he’d do to her if she’d take her shirt off and let him have his way. She fell silent but his fingers continued stroking her vulva. Soon they coaxed a moan from her throat. Quickly he returned to her pussy, sucking a last hard shutter from her thighs.
His hot breath in her ear, he moaned.
“I need to fuck you. Please, please let me fuck you,”
She managed a quiet, “I’m sorry.”
He slid from the bed and hid in the bathroom while he choked on the burning lump in his throat. He couldn’t swallow. He could barely breathe. His cock was too hard to pee and he had to pee too badly to get off. He got off though, imagining a woman that wanted him. Then, flushing his piss and semen down the toilet, he returned to bed.

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