How You Care For Me

I got nothin, nothin, cold and rain soaked, but a warm need for you. Meet me at the door with your warm lips and towel soft. Warm my hands with your moist breath. Peel my layers away, kissing and drying my damp skin as you peel. Lead me by the hand to our bed. When I am safe between the sheets, peel your own layers. Take care to meet my eyes as your breasts slide out of your bra, when you roll your panties down. I’ve made a place for you here, beside me. Come, and wrap your warm body around me. I love how the heat of your breath, your mouth on my mouth, warms my whole body. As the heat of our naked skin together makes our bellies slippery, I slide my mouth down your tender throat. I whisper, “now, what can I do for you.” You meet my eyes, smile, then slide my warmed fingers over your vulva.

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