(Library Call Number) HQ450-472 is for Erotica

This is a reimagined ending to Stroking in Stack HQ31-64.

…I could feel my throbbing hard cock sliding into that hot wet hairy pussy. I felt like an animal coming upon a female in heat, her vulva dripping with need and I would fill her, fuck her deep and fast, again and again and again until spent, we collapsed. I ran to the restroom…

As I was passing  HQ450-472 (erotica) I heard a small cry at the end of the dark row. 

“Are you alright?” I asked. 

“Yes, fine. Please leave me alone,” she croaked with a dry throat.

“It’s just that you sounded like you were crying and I…” I said walking toward her. 

Her hand was stuffed into her skirt, still swirling. She was twisting one sharp nipple, exposed between her bra and pulled up t-shirt. A book lay open in her lap. I stared at her. She stared at me. I had resumed stroking. 

“What are you doing?” she asked annoyed.

“Um, what You are doing.”

“Why are you doing it here?”

“I dunno. Seeing you do it, is really, really hot!”

Her annoyance faded when she realized she could see the entire shape of my bulging cock. At the end, was a wet spot. She rubbed herself furiously, letting out a little whine.

“I know a place,” she said, “where we can do this..together.”

“Yes!” I moaned.

She led me through a “Restricted” door and into a pitch black room. She switched on a small table lamp. The room was full of long tables with piles of books stacked on them. She quickly set herself on the nearest table, slid off her panties, and began rubbing her pussy. I just stood there staring, my hand tight on my pulsing cock.

“Hey!” she said, “do yours.”

I quickly stripped my jeans and trunks. My cock springing forth with exuberance. She slid two fingers inside her wet hole. Still rubbing her clit. Seeing this made my cock twitch. I fucked my hand, pressing my fist hard into my crotch. 

For a small while the silence was punctuated only by bursts of breath and the wet sounds of our shared wanking. We were watching each other, waiting for a sign that the other was about to peak so we could ride the tide of their release to an even greater orgasm for ourself.

I couldn’t wait. My thrusting became urgent. She watched the tightening of my neck, the reddening of my face, and when I held my breath, ready to burst, she abandoned her fingering and rubbed all of that wetness into her throbbing clit. I came. Spraying copious fluid upon the floor. That was the last thing she saw before thrusting her hair back. Gripping the table so hard, her knuckles turned white.

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  1. No she is one lucky woman!! Its very thrilling to watch a man …..and more thrilling to know you are the stimulus…nice story . Thank you 😊

      1. Thanks Eugene I just looked up the term. I was kinda stumped reading your entry but once I looked up the term I understand.

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