Hugs: The Sling Low

I want to give you four hugs.

The third hug is The Sling Low.

Ok, ok, it’s really mostly a make out stance, but they don’t put Xs and Os together for no reason. 

Face me and nestle in between my arms. I will “sling low” my long arms over your hips, my hands coming together just above your butt. 

From here, I can hug your bottom, hug your hips. I can stroke your back and grab fistfuls of your shirt, pulling your body tight to mine, when we kiss so deep. 

Your arms are free to caress. I love when you hold my head in your hands when you kiss me.

This is a make out hug so you should be feeling..grrrrr!

The next and last hug is The Spoon. 

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