I Am Eugene Noale: A Self-Portrait


IMG_0011 6-2

Here I am, in all my bald bespectacled glory!

Infrequently Asked but Fun Questions


Q:  Why after a year are you showing your whole face?

A:  Because half a face is fooling nobody but more importantly I am going to stick around now as a positive erotic force so I want people to know me.

Q:  Eugene Noale sounds like a normal name. Is your real name Eugene Noale?

A:  Yes and no. My middle name is Eugene. I was named after my very gregarious Grandfather. His French-Canadian Grandmother had the maiden name of Noel. Noel is too associated with Christmas so I chose Noale, which is a distantly related version of Noel.

Q:  Do you use a stunt cock?

A:  Yes, obviously.

Q:  Are you and Eugene Noale the same or is Eugene Noale a character you put on?

A:  At first I tried to portray Eugene as some sort of stately old pervert, but lovable, you know. I have since found that I enjoy myself more and offend less if I am me and not a character.

Q:  Eugene seems to have a Southern accent during poetry readings. Are you from the southern United States?

A:  Nope. I am from Michigan.

Q:  What’s your drink?

A:  I like an old-fashioned with rye, not too sweet and hold the fruit.

10 thoughts on “I Am Eugene Noale: A Self-Portrait

  1. Hello 🙂 Nice to actually get to see you. And good for you! I’m always envious of those who can actually show themselves. I long for the day I can ‘out’ myself. Unfortunately right now I don’t think my teenagers would appreciate it.
    I do have a couple of photos of my face on the blog but they’re so over edited I don’t even recognise myself 😀

    1. Hello Dawn! It is nice to be seen, thank you. I was envious of those who showed their face too. I wrote an erotic novel under my real name several years ago so anyone who finds this new erotic work shouldn’t be surprised.

  2. Anche!! si uno BELISSIMO!!!!! You are exactly as I have pictured Eugene Noale …very playful and sensual eyes …much like your writings and photography. Your voice suits your face also. I like this photograph….Bravo . Kind regards Bella

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