I Want A Little Heat

We’ve been apart for twelve hours
But you won’t open your lips
For a good hello kiss before
The routine begins.
I make dinner. You wash dishes.
I wash the boy. You make lunches.
You read stories. I tuck him in.
One sweet hour before I go to bed.
One sweet hour to reconnect again.
But when I descend the stairs, I find
You drowsy in your chaise-hole.
You offer me a spot to snuggle
But my mind is on something else.
I have missed you, the smell of you,
The feel of your body and the way
You kiss me when you really want me.
Snuggling only teases painfully as
Possibility drifts away.
I want a little heat.
I want a little tongue.
I want passion to last the day.
I want to renew myself in your love.
I want to be molded by your hands,
Seared by your skin, and
Baptized by your tongue.
My brain is hot with
Lust for you.
Come quickly and kiss me,
Deep slow wet enough to
Flood me, cool my soul.

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