The Way I Want

If I could love you the way I want

The very sight of my moist bottom

Lip rolling out of my mouth would

Light a fire in your thighs, my eyes

Following the strand of hair that

Slid down your chest and rested

Between your breasts, touching the

Tender sweat that is beading in

The heat of my gaze, after days

Upon days of passionate love made.

4 thoughts on “The Way I Want

  1. Thank you. That’s interesting. I started writing erotic words again as love letters to my wife. And while this isn’t directly to her, I’m glad the feeling is there.

  2. If ever there was a lesson to be learned that one must read poetry in a fluid and continuous manner, this is it. “The very sight of my moist bottom” made me double-take, but then I read the whole thing and was blown away. Lovely piece, a pleasure to read.

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