In Your Mouth

I love when I fill your mouth with thrusts and urgent tongue

But when you fill your throat with my erotic verse

Then roll my heated words across your tongue

Whispering what I wrote for you into my throbbing

Ear, as if you had written it for me,

I am penetrated

Lost for words

Lost for good

Wet and ready to fill you again.

10 thoughts on “In Your Mouth

          1. Thanks Vic. I appreciate you saying that. I wouldn’t want to offend, you know, like I did when we first met. 😉 I am glad you gave me another chance back then. Really glad. You are a delightful friend.

    1. I imagine a woman, her bare skin against my bare skin, whispering my words with sharp hisses on the S, sending shivers through my body, opening my hips to her touch. Incapable of resisting her intoxicating sensuality.

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