Late-Night Lumberman


By the light of a lantern, on a cool fall night, muscles bulging beneath my t-shirt, I lifted my 4 pound maul over my head and with a deep grunt I swung my steel blade and brought the full force of my mighty stroke down upon the gnarled wood. Crack! My blade sunk deep into the grain, leaving a gash and fissure the length of the log. I retrieved my ax and drawing several deep breaths, followed by a rumble in my chest that came out as a bellow, I swung my mighty maul. Crack! My ax sunk through the heart of the wood, splitting it in two with such brute force, each half of the 40lb log exploded from the stump and flew five feet in either direction. The crack and bellow echoed on the breeze as I stood hulking over the stump, until catching my breath, I grinned.

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