Liberty Creek Wine: Eugene Reads Ad Copy

IMG_2361I like reading ad copy. It was written to entertain, inform, and persuade, and it is usually quite a delight. I have decided that since people like to hear me read sexy stuff you might also be amused when I read ad copy in my sexy voice. I hope you enjoy.

Product Review: This Pinot Grigio is pretty damn decent for a $7 magnum I picked up on sale then left in my hot car for two days. It’s not supposed to be effervescent so don’t expect that if you buy it. This wine is totally worth the $7.

Liberty Creek Wines’ Pinot Grigio


Copyright Notice: I am not affiliated with the product, the company that produces this product, nor the ad company that wrote the copy. I do not hold copyrights to any copyrighted material I have used here. I see this as a clear case of Fair Use as I am creating a parody and a criticism, both of which are protected by the Copyright Act of 1976. If you do want me to cease and desist, I’ll abide, cause I’m not a dick. You can contact me at with demands, praise, comments, and or an offer of employment. Thank you all for reading this very long paragraph.

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