Lick Me, Lick Me, Lick Me

Don’t say you’re gonna miss me

Just kiss me, kiss me, kiss me

And Baby I’ll know.

Don’t say you’d love to tongue me

Just lick me, lick me, lick me

And Baby I’ll moan.

Don’t say you want to fuck me

Just ride me, ride me, ride me

And Baby I’m home.

24 thoughts on “Lick Me, Lick Me, Lick Me

          1. I know! I think discretion, social norms, and access to sexually open ideas and equipment play a huge part in the development of sexual curiosity but I think a high libido and a general sense of curiosity served my ancestors well.

          2. I have a few books. Sex books are like cookbooks. I don’t really need them once I’ve mastered their techniques but they are pretty sitting there and sometimes a flip through them can spark a hunger.

          3. Educating myself on the techniques needed to bring sensual pleasure to those who I love is very important to me. Whether it is making the perfect scrambled egg or how to stack orgasms so it feels like an unending wave of pleasure is washing over them, it is all worth my time to study and master.

  1. Thanks Vic! Yeah, the first stanza played in my head over and over like a song hook before I wrote it. I need to get with a musician and see if we can flesh this idea out. (And by flesh out, I mean make the song fuller.)

    1. It’s the best isn’t it? I was reading several eulogies of Jim Harrison and he described writing novels as starting as phrases and ideas that exist in pools and those pools get bigger until he gets a pounding headache and has to write the novel or his head will burst. I love that.

    1. Hello! Thank you. I think I shall. It feels like the beginning of a song doesn’t it? I’ll try to slip away this weekend and record this along with my list of other requests. Thanks!

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