Liquored Up and Lubricated

Ben and Anne passed on the fourth polka in a row. Taking a breath behind the VFW hall. The Indian summer heat softened at dusk, creating a haze. The mercury lamps flickered on. Anne had gotten a tan in the four weeks they had been apart. Her skin looked smooth and healthy in her gauzy dress. They had held hands at the wedding and that seemed ok so they held hands again. No words passed between them. Only the occasional look and look away, sometimes with a smile. The mercury lamp behind the hall finally flickered on and continued flickering. Anne’s eyes stopped smiling. Tipping on her toes to give him a small kiss with a flash of tongue. She broke from him and backed against the peeling painted wall. The hem of her dress rose, showing her bare snatch. Wide-eyed he grinned and moved quickly toward her. The lamp flickered off for second, then back on. Anne was gone. Ben turned around.

Liquored up and lubricated she shoved him hard to the wall. Pushing his hand into her hot cunt. Sucking his lips with four weeks’ thirst and the fear that his fingers would never again fill her pussy. Fingers now deep and soaked inside her. She knelt and felt the thrill of his shaft gliding over her glistening lips. Ben swept her up in his muscled arms. Pressing Anne to the wall, he plunged. Legs and arms wrapped around him, they fucked under the flickering mercury lamp.

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