Longing To Lick

It’s been a while since the last time I licked a clit

Or nestled myself down between soft thighs

And slowly licked, kissed, and sucked a lady’s sensitive skin.

I forget when it is absent from my daily life.

I forget my longing, my need.

Sitting here in a cafe, sipping strong coffee, I am struck.

Suddenly my chest burns, my crotch tingles, my head swims

And all I can do is slowly lick the outline of my lips, over and over and over.

When my lips are chapped and swollen red, I suck them to keep them moist.

Letting my fat full lip roll free of my teeth.

With fresh chapstick applied, I slide my lips together until they are supple again.

Then there is only panting and pining as flashes of flesh play in my mind.

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