Love Still Grows

I am alive, electrified
So full of love for you I can barely contain it in my skin.
I’m teetering on the edge of disaster, feeling pain at every turn
Burning up, burning down, rolling on the ground
Then chanting your name as I dance in the sweaty mosquito dark.
I ain’t got you. I can’t have you. But you got me.
Not the way you wanted but you got me hooked so deep.
I sleep but wake screaming, dreaming you aint there
And when it’s real I feel like life isn’t worth the living
But I keep giving it every day, all day, and I pray and pray and pray
To touch you to kiss you to do more than miss you but I know its never gonna be
I will never see you again. This is not the end. Love still grows.
I can’t show you my love but it lives in me and gives me gives me gives me the
Electric possibility that I need to jump up and down and smile. You are inextricable and intrinsically in me. To cut you out would mean the letting of my blood.

Love still grows. It never shows in the real world but my heart bursts hurting beating a rhythm that shakes my soul. I heal, I deal, I feel for fucking once. But always ever you are the holder of my heart. I am happy to be held, even if it is only in my imagination.

2 thoughts on “Love Still Grows

    1. I’m sorry. But I am glad it moved you. I thought I would put all of my intense sadness and love in one poem and be done with this story here. I’m sorry if it was a bit much. Happier writing is coming soon.

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