Make Me Do Right, Make Me Do Wrong w/Audio

Make Me Do Right, Make Me Do Wrong

I-I-I can’t sit still
Cause she’s rising up in my body
Like the acid rumble of a Hammond organ
Blasting open an Al Green song
Each fat note squeezing through the pipes
Vibrating my chest, shaking my soul
And I just gotta have her.
I just gotta git her.
I can’t live without her.
I just, I just, I just gotta get IN her
Cause she’s in me and it burns
Baby, baby, baby it burns when you rise up
Inside me and fill me with your sex.
I can’t rest. I can’t jest.
I gotta need and it’s serious baby.
Please baby, please baby gimme your lovin
There ain’t nothin but your lovin now
Nothin but this needin and I ain’t gonna stop
I can’t quit till I hit it. You gonna get it baby.
Come on, split it, and let me slide inside.
Don’t hide. Gonna make you cream baby.
Gonna make you scream baby.
Aint nothin for this till it’s done, and done, and done
And we cum and we come undone baby.

Make Me Do Right, Make Me Do Wrong – Read By Eugene Noale

12 thoughts on “Make Me Do Right, Make Me Do Wrong w/Audio

  1. Vic! I am floored by this generous comment. Thank you so much! I had a feeling in my gut and I let it out. I am so pleased you like the result. I haven’t acted but I tend to read poetry dramatically. 😘 thank you!

  2. Yes, you best refrain from listening. I wouldn’t want you combusting in the airport. I am delighted you will have to wait. It will be all the more delicious when my voice make you moan aloud.

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