Mr. Noale

IMG_0011 6-2“Take caution Dear Lady when choosing a lover, wooly and full, for You cannot handle the beard’s raw sexual power.”

Eugene Noale

Is a gentleman and a scoundrel.

His beard is thick and soft. It wafts hardwood smoke, sandalwood, and the scent of a well-loved woman.

Eugene Noale

Is a man of taste but lacking sophistication.

He prefers the taste of strong whiskey and strong women; complex, voluptuous, and well-aged.

Eugene Noale

Is an erotic poet and blogger.

His voice lights a fire.

Eugene Noale


Is a photographer and an amateur penis model.

He is mastering the cock shot.

IMG_1621 1








“It is too easy for we of erotic imagination to believe we are fringe figures. And perhaps we do enjoy being the dark other. But we should not believe our beautiful minds are the lesser, the unworthy, the unclean. We carry a greater portion of that essential force that drives us all to survive, to thrive. We are paragons of humanity for without eros, we shall surely perish from this earth.”    – Eugene Noale

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