Oral Pleasures

Hello! I’m sure you will only fall for that title once so I thought I would use it for my first audio post. That’s right! Eugene Noale reading the works of Eugene Noale. Wow! right? Well, I’m excited!

I’ve been away and I’m sorry for that but while I was away I was told that some people, i.e. “The Ladies,” find my voice soothing and maybe, just maybe, a little sexy. So I thought, what the hell. We are going to start with three poems  dramatically read then an outtake. Click the title of the poem to see the original post.

I have one request before we begin. If you hear a voice you recognize the first thing you need to do is get over the shock that your old pal…is a smut blogger!!. And really, haven’t you always suspected?  Please don’t out me on the blog. Keep it to yourself or contact me privately. Thanks. Here we go!

Cunnilingus Series: Juice

Inexplicably I have a sort of southern U.S. accent in this reading but I think it works to bring the sass.


Burn Me Down

This poem is a personal favorite of my friend Carica. I recorded this at my lowest voice as she says that is where the sexy is.


Cunnilingus Series: Uncontrollably, Blissfully, Excruciatingly Pleasured

Honestly, this recording turns me one. If I were you, I’d do whatever this man tells you to.


Outtake: Uncontrollably, Blissfully, Excruciatingly Pleasured

There were a lot of outtakes. A lot..of..outtakes.


Thank you for listening! Please let me know if you like these and I will do more.

6 thoughts on “Oral Pleasures

  1. “HOLLY GOD” !!! Your last recording is damm damm hot!! You do have a very sensual tone and it is matched very nicely to your words. You sound raw and it works. Thank you Eugene 💐😊

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