Raspberry Jam

The afternoon sun crept across her scratched thighs, beaded red in dotted lines.

A wet cotton ball wiped away the blood.

She sucked air sharp through her teeth.

I blew softly on her thighs, taking the sting away.

When her legs were covered with my breath and bandages, she popped a red ripe raspberry between her lips and kissed me, letting me suck the pulp from her tongue.

Her legs playfully swung over the edge of the small kitchen table.

Looking of mischief she thrust her hand in the berry basket and stretching the waistband of her yellow panties, crushed fresh raspberries deep into her vulva, letting out a little yelp from the cold.

She drew her hand out of the jam and stuffed two fingers into her mouth, sucking them off with a deeply pleased moan.

I gladly accepted her offered digits, sucking each with the intensity she demanded.

She gestured down with her eyes and smiled.

When the stained yellow panties had been removed I took it upon myself to suck them clean.

I slurped the jam from her tender bits, now a mix of fruit and wet, digging my tongue deep into her, sucking every seed.

Blooming with the scent of fresh raspberries, I nuzzled her sex and filled my lungs with her.

I proceeded to thank her for the snack.

She whined a little when my flicking throbbing tongue dropped onto her clit but she didn’t complain as I sucked the berry stains from her skin.

15 thoughts on “Raspberry Jam

          1. I have many moments of joy, daily; sometimes in a taxi, on a bus, in an elevator, on the beach, in at fitting room at the shopping mall, seated in a restaurant, even once while waiting in line somewhere! How’s that grab ya?

          1. I should wear panties, if for no other reason, that I wouldn’t always leave puddles of girl juice on public chairs, seats, benches, stools, and so forth. Even if I am not playing with my pussy in public, I might get aroused enough to leave a small puddle or a huge wet spot!

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