Red Vulva Glistening

Dim light filtered through the thick curtains. Her body lay covered by a thin sheet. He pulled the shroud from her bare skin, rousing her. He stood above her, beside the bed, drinking in her curves before sweeping her legs above her head. Drawing his tongue through her buttock cleft. Rimming her anus until she moaned. His pointed tongue pierced her slit, sucking her sudden wetness. Slicking her spreading lips in a slow lick to her clit. There he placed feathered flicks and brushed lips until just his heated breath made her pubis rise into his mouth. He consumed her. Her fists full of twisted sheet, a low whine rose from her throat as her clitoris was lavished by his sucking, swirling tongue.

Her legs fell to the bed. She swallowed for breath and blinked her blurry eyes. She peered into the dark. He was gone. She lay back, sliding her fingers through her slick lips. Filled the dark room with orgasmic gasps. As the swell of her breasts slowed, another was breathing, labored, somewhere in the room. She rose and groped toward the sound of a stroked cock. She disturbed the curtain. A shaft of light shot into the room, spotlighting her pale freckled breast, her pink soft nipple. The shadowed figure groaned and stepped forward. His thick cock illuminated. At the tip quivered a shimmering drop. The drop dripped in a long slow string, caught by her tongue. She licked the girth of his plump pink head. She flicked his tip with a feathered lick. His cock twitched in her mouth. He cried out when she sucked his head hard. Stroking him with her wet warm tongue.

Buttocks tight, his hot cum streaked her red tongue white. The rest he blew on her waiting breasts. He fell to his knees, licking the line of cum on her chin, to her lips. Sucking the sticky salt from her tongue. His fingers were soaked inside her when he pushed her to the floor. Mercilessly licking her tender clit. She came quickly then came again. Her raw red vulva glistening in the shaft of morning light.

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