Savoring Flesh

Unhook your brassiere.

Pull the hair pins from your locks.

Your panties stay on.

I don’t want your sex; not yet.

I want to savor your flesh.

I like to lick where licking isn’t always liked but where a wet tongue is well received when flicked with strict and exquisite skill.

I like to suck where saliva sweetens sensations, softens resolve, and readies your ripe fruit for the teeth to come.

With my teeth I will peel your panties from your skin and devour all I survey, at my leisure.


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10 thoughts on “Savoring Flesh

  1. Oh my that is some writing Eugene!!! Just perfect..tantalizing and full of anticipation…i hope you record this. Alas I am too late to sign up …enjoy !! Regards Bella πŸ’πŸ˜

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