Sex In The Shanty

On a grimy love seat, Sarah and Jim sat completely clothed, in front of a rectangular hole, each holding a bottle of blackberry brandy.

“I’m cold. I’m bored. And I think I’m drunk,” she said.

Jim raised his bottle in toast.

“Dance for me monkey,” she slurred.

He shook his head.

“You could go down on me.”

Sarah considered it, “Yeah, maybe.” She took a drink, “Probably not though. Is that what you want my dear Jimmy? A blowjob in a dirty old ice shanty?”

“Um, yeah,” he said.

“Well, then I have a challenge for you.”

His eyes lit up.

“If you can make me cum with your tongue without removing this union suit, I will suck your dick.”

He smiled.

“But remember this one doesn’t even have a full flap at the back.”

“Challenge accepted.”

He set to work stroking and kissing her through the fabric then went in through the small buttflap and fingered her wet. He lapped at her lips but couldn’t quite get to her clit.

She held his face with both hands and said, “Sweet Sweet Jim, you are doing a fine job. I am very turned on but I ain’t gonna suck your dick unless you Eat This Pussy!”

Steely faced he snatched the gaff from the wall and ripped out the crotch of her union suit. Her surprised face turned to stone as she slapped him slowly on the cheek.

“You dirty fucking cheat,” she said.

He slapped her ass, hard, and bit her pussy lips. Then rolled them between his lips and teeth. He sucked cold air hard over her clit and breathed out steamy hot breath, making her shiver. When he was done he sat with his dick out.

“No no,” she sung, “cheaters don’t get head.”

He cocked his head, looking pissed.

“Don’t be angry Baby. We had a deal.” “Now,” she said, running two fingers up from her pussy, “look at all the good work you did here. You made it all warm and cozy. It’s ready for you. Come on, get inside.”

“Come o..Wup!,” she said stepping toward him while slipping and nearly fell in the water.

He laughed.

She sat in his lap rubbing her wetness on his hard cock. He entered her. She bounced up and down, rattling the shanty.

“Oh Fuck!” she exclaimed.

“I know,” he groaned.

“No, fish!”

“Fish? Oh Fuck!” he yelled.

Jim expertly speared the massive sturgeon with a crushing strike. Sarah was nearly off his cock so he pulled her back down hard and speared her too. She moaned then bounded up. Jim landed the fish with the gaff hook and Thump! Sarah clubbed it. There was calm in the shanty. In the calm they kissed, deeply and hungrily, then returned to the love seat to finish what they had started.

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