Slick & Silky Lust w/ Audio

Nik_Merkulov/Fotolia, Woman's Chest Close-up

Tuesday Tanka: Slick & Silky Lust

Slip the tip of your
Nipple tween my supple lips.
I will flick and lick
Till shudders and shivers shake
Loose your slick and silky lust.

30 thoughts on “Slick & Silky Lust w/ Audio

  1. Totally sensual Eugene!! I love your voice matched to these words…vey arousing and quite beautiful….i look forward to more with great anticipation. Regards Bella 💐

  2. Hello Jackie. I’m happy you are here. Thanks! VIT and I are in at the start of an erotic poetry slam. Check back tomorrow for my crushing response to her. If you only want the poetry there is a whole section at the bottom of the home page. Thanks again. 🙂

    1. Thank you! I have no idea why I turn into a Southerner when I read erotic poetry but I like it. It works. I think I drew Eugene from issues of Garden and Gun Magazine which is very Southern.

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